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Lexi Neish(a couple of years ago)

Hi, I'm in year six, I've loved being here! thank you all for being kind to all of us. If we don't come back to school then I hope you all have a great summer. I'm going to miss all of you. Thank you. From Lexi Neish (6S - Miss Saleem's class).

John Laurence Gray(a couple of years ago)

Went to this school. I am the boy holding the ball in the football 1963 2nd XII in the photo on the web site. The boys all look familiar BUT I cannot for the life of me remember their names, well it is 56 years ago !

Peter Saward(about a decade ago)

Judging by the pictures on Google Earth, and on your website, I see my first school has changed somewhat over the last 63 years. I attended from the summer of '51 until the summer break of '57. I still have a picture of the football team, with the Headmaster and Mr. Hardcastle, taken under the oak tree that used to be on the edge of the playing field. Peter Saward Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

amy simpson(about a decade ago)

miss this school so much :( class 2006-2010 <3 miss u all <3

Chelsey Kyriacou(about a decade ago)

hello =) miss this school, haha!

Megan Kelly(about a decade ago)

hellloo :) i dont know if you remember me but i used to go to this school :) i left last year because i moved to Gloucester but i hope everything is going ok and everyone is alright :) xxx

Mrs Kathryn Lodge(a couple of decades ago)

My daughter goes to this school and loves going. She would rather stay at school than have a holiday!! She says Mr Backhouse and all the teachers are very friendly and helpful and hopes to take up guitar lessons. She has made lots of friends. And is very happy and excited every morning when she leaves home!

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