Autumn term


The year 6 team are so impressed with how well the children have settled into the start of their final year at CBJS. Please see below to take a closer look at what the children have been learning. 



In the first half of the Autumn term term, the children have used the text Matilda (written by Roald Dahl) to inspire their reading and writing. The children have produced a fantastic range of final pieces, including: instructions, diary entries and letters.


In the second half of the Autumn term, the children have used the text The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (written by C.S Lewis) to inspire their reading and writing. The children thoroughly enjoyed being transported to the world of Narnia. Some of the children's final writing pieces included: monologues, setting descriptions and an alternative ending to the story.  

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The children have made an excellent start in covering the year 6 Maths curriculum. In their daily Maths lessons, the children have worked hard to develop and secure their understanding in the following areas:

  • Recognising and understanding place value in numbers up to 10 million
  • Ordering and comparing numbers up to 10 million
  • Rounding any given number to a required degree of accuracy
  • Calculating with negative numbers
  • Securing their understanding of long multiplication and division
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Interpreting and constructing line graphs
  • Interpreting pie charts

 Here are some knowledge organisers that can be used to help with homework and revision activities:

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Pioneer Centre

At the very start of the Autumn term, the year 6 children visited The Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimer. This was a superb opportunity for the children to develop their collaboration, teamwork and resiliency skills. 

The children participated in many different activities, including: archery, high ropes, team building games, abseiling, rock climbing and zip wiring. 

Great fun was had by all and many happy memories were made. 


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Our Autumn term topic is Africa. The children have developed many different geographical skills and learned lots of new knowledge along the way, including: 

  • Locating the continent of Africa and African countries on a map 
  • Identifying rivers and mountains within the African continent
  • Challenging stereotypes that exist about Africa
  • Exploring different types of settlement within the African continent
  • Understanding the different types of land use in Africa
  • Identifying different types of biomes that exist in Africa. 

Did you know that there are 54 countries in Africa? 

Did you know that Africa is the second largest continent in the world? 

Did you know that the longest river in the world (The Nile) is located in Africa?



In our first Art unit of the year, which is linked to our Autumn term Geography topic of Africa, the children have developed their drawing skills by learning how to draw portraits of lions. 

The children practised a range of shading techniques, developed awareness of using the correct proportions and applying a range of tones to their final pieces. We think that the children's final pieces are roarsome!



In their Science lessons, the children have been learning about the concept of classification.

To help bring their learning to life, the children searched for a range of different leaves from the school grounds. The leaves were then brought into the classroom to be classified. The children also visited the pond area where they completed some pond dipping. After the specimens had been closely examined, they were then classified  using the classification keys. 

Here are some photographs from our Science lessons:

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