Our School Houses

We have a house system at school that is based on local castles. We are not entirely sure of the history of the houses at Castle Bromwich Junior School but we think castles were chosen as the names for the houses because of 'Castle' in the school name. For a long time the houses were not used but a few years ago we decided to start them again and now all children are in either Kenilworth, Maxstoke, Tamworth or Warwick. They are put into a house when they join the school and we try to keep families together in the same house. We use the houses for house points, school sports day and during house sports copmpetitions to give more children the opportunity to take part in competitive sport throughout the school. 

To help link the house system at CBJS to the local castles we have collected some photographs and a little information together about each castle.


Tamworth Castle





Tamworth Castle is sited in the town centre Pleasure Grounds overlooking the confluence of the rivers Tame and Anker. The Normans built the original motte and bailey castle some time between 1070- 1080.

Maxstoke Castle is a fortified manor with four octagonal towers, a gatehouse and surrounded by a moat dating from 1346. During the Civil War it was held by Parliament which prevented it from being ruined as occurred to many other castles. Over the years it has been updated and has been lived in since it was built.


Kenilworth Castle Arial Picture


Warwick Castle was founded in 1068 and was rebuilt and updated a number of times. Today it combines castle ruins, largely of the fourteenth century with one of the finest great houses in England.

Kenilworth is probably one of the finest ruined castles to be seen in Britain today. Dramatically portrayed amidst the gentle rolling countryside of Warwickshire, Kenilworth Castle was built by the Normans and ruined during the Elizabethan period in British history.