Year 5 Spring Term 2024


Spring Term in Year 5 is very exciting. We learn all about Space and even get to visit the National Space Centre in Leicester. 


Science - Space

Children LOVE learning about Space every year, including learning about the life of an astronaut and understanding the relationship between the Sun, moon and Earth. The children produced some amazing projects based on elements of Space that they loved. Scroll through our gallery below. 


Bikeability is an exciting course that are offered to all of our Y5 children. It allows the children to build confidence with their cycling but also to develop road safety awareness. The course is free and is offered to all! 


English - A Monster Calls

After Christmas we started our new text, A Monster Calls. It's an emotional roller coaster, but the children love the twists and turns throughout the book. Here are some examples of our door displays. 

Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2

English - Writing

The children have been working really hard on our writing this term. We have enjoyed writing about A Monster Calls and Ratburger. See some examples below. 

Art - Space Theme

Y5 studied various artists who created mixed media art . They were inspired by the layered patterns and colours and were able to combine chalks, paints and pencil work to create their final outcomes. See our examples below. 

DT - Stew Making

In Year 5, the children get chance to design, make and taste their own stews. They worked really hard on their cutting skills to ensure the vegetables were the right size and made changes to their receipes based on their trials.