Castle Bromwich Junior School

Yr3 Spring Term


A mixed mag of texts this term for English with Spring 1 we read and studied King Kong by Anthony Browne and in Spring 2 we used our topic as a link to study a non-fiction text of The Secrets of Stonehenge by Nick Manning and Brits Granstrom.


King Kong was an exciting and ever moving text with lots of hidden hints. This allowed us to discuss inference a lot. The children loved looking for the hidden clues in each page and the beautiful illustrations meant that with the turn of every page we were transported to a different time and place. We used this text to inspire our writing of a newspaper article and a setting description.



Understanding history can be very challenging especially when we are talking about a very long time ago, around 10,00 years ago to be precise. However, our children have taken to the study of Stone Age life exceptionally well. We have used the few primary sources still available from that time to better understand life back then. We have created tools to have a go at hunting and gathering outside (don’t worry we didn’t come across any sabre toothed cats). We created cave paintings outside and tried to understand how it would feel to create then in dark caves with no natural light. We studied the wondrous feat of engineering that is Stonehenge, and even created our own biscuit henge. Year 3 have really made history come to life this term!


This term we have looked at music from a different country (China) and Jazz. The opportunity to study music from different nationalities and eras has been really interesting. The children used terms such as crescendo to build in volume and syncopated rhythms (off beat). We used our music lessons to explore, listen and even have a go at making different music. A really fun lesson was when we all had a go at creating scat sounds. Have a listen to some of our call and response scatting!



Design and Technology is a really exciting area of our learning where our Year 3 children get to apply practical skills. This term we are creating salads. The lessons will look at food as a fuel and creating a healthy balanced meal. We even get chance to try some new flavours and ingredients to expand our preferences. We are then applying our learning to make delicious, varied, healthy salads to enjoy.


This term has been focussed on cave paintings. We used different pencil grades to sketch and create shade, tone and tint. We did a detailed sketch of a woolly mammoth, drafting and editing our work. Then finally we finished off our drawings using oil pastels. The way we could manipulate this media helped the cave paintings to look even more authentic.

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