Castle Bromwich Junior School

Year 6 - 2020-21


In year 6 we learn all about shading and sketching through our African Art unit. We also make calligrams using differnt media to depict war art. In summer term we focus our attention on different styles and creat an art piece that mixes realism, non-objective and abstract forms of Art. It is a very practical subject that produces some beautiful pieces.

African Art

Designed by Harvey Hughes, Olivia Addison, Rafe Parry, Gracie Ketley, Sienna Lawrence, Reuban Seymour-Phillips and Kaifah Imran.

Caligrams Art

Designed by Lexi Vaux and Max Robinson

Realism, Non-objective and Abstract Art

Designed by Kaifah Imran


Music is a great opportunity for creativity. The children really engage with these lessons getting to use the different instruments to compose their own pieces. We learn all about musical scores and even create a film score for Wallace and Gromit.


Never before have computers played such a vital role in our lives than now. With this in mind our Year 6 children learn a range of skills from researching topics to creating algorythms for gaming to designing pages for an online yearbook. Our children are always ahead of the curve with technology.


The main focus of our history work in Year 6 is WW2. It is a topic that captures the imagination of our pupils. As well as learning about the events we have time to reflect on lessons that can be learnt through the past. We look incitefully at the Holocaust, Anderson shelters, The Blitz and the impact of the war.


Understanding the World around is a great way to expand our horizons and to encourage us to aspire to help the environment as well as travel to experience more. n Year 6 we have looked at Africa and South America this year. Places with a vastly different culture and geographical environment.


Science is a great unit of study that allows our Year 6 children practical lessons that encourage them to uestion, investigate and explore. In Year 6 we focus on classification, electricity and light.


PSHE (physical, social and health education) is a vital area for our Year 6 children as they prepare for the changes that lay ahead of them. Our PSHE lessons allow time for mindfulness, privacy, time to share and reflect. 


Whilst this is normally an event that gets all our parents and guardians in to watch and cheer us along, this year was not possible. It was still a brilliant day with loads of fun competition and moments of pride.

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