Castle Bromwich Junior School

Year 6

RAF Cosford Report

RAF Cosford (a place with interesting facts and models about World War) was a trip in year six that really was an amazing place to go visit. It started when you finally arrive on the coach and see all of the unique war aircrafts parked outside of the building, that just really excite you and you are jumping on your seat to get in to the wondrous place of RAF Cosford.


First, we were directed into room where a man, who was an evacuee, (kids who were transported into the country side during bombing) told us about his childhood during War. (It was sad).


Then, you admire wonderful models of wartime vehicles including tanks, fighter jets, jeeps, and even nukes and bombs. You even see special things like bomb shelters and Hitler (leader of the Nazis)


Then, we entered a school led by a teacher where we learnt about gas masks and went into an air raid shelter.   In the air raid shelter, we (including our teacher all crowded in there and an alarm went off making us feel like we were in WWII. At the end, we opened our desk that has a mystery wartime object (like a bullet) and she told us what it was and how it worked. Finally, we experienced an old kitchen where we saw the old kettles and blenders.


After lunch, we saw various planes and tanks. In the same room, we found areas that showed us a video about the Space Race, the Cuban missile Crisis and the effects of war. After this, we went to an interactive area, where we learnt about different parts of planes. EG [aerodynamics and controlling a plane or even getting in one]!

We really recommend it to any year group and it is a wonderful day out.


Authors  :

Thomas Ward

Bobby Taylor

Aston Campbell


WW2 Day as evacuees 

Year 6 took part in a pretend evacuation where they experienced life as it would have been in 1940. They tried gruel and was sent to live with people they hadnt met before. The children had a great experience and learnt lots of facts about the war. 

PIONEER (2019)

In year 6, we went on a trip to Pioneer, for a residential (2 nights 3 days). When we were there, we got to do loads of enjoyable activities, such as: rock climbing, zip lining, abseiling, challenge course, leap of faith etc.

When you do your activities (you should already know your groups), you will get an instructor on the first day and they will stick with you for your entire time at Pioneer. The food was yummy and delicious; I am a picky eater so I can`t complain (Georgia). When you go, you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner and pudding after – we were spoilt for choice. We also had a snack bar, so when we finished our meal, we could go and get some salad or another drink. If you are hungry and you don`t like your breakfast, you had a variety of other choices.

The rooms (that we slept in), were downstairs and the boys were upstairs. They had two single beds and 1 bunk bed; a bathroom with a shower or bath. We had one main sitting area which was called the common room. We used this room to get everyone together and register before we started our day’s activities.

In conclusion, this was a very amusing, entertaining and adventurous place to go! We were able to fight our fears and we got to spend quality time with our friends (sleepovers are awesome!) From our point of view, this was the most enjoyable experience in junior school up to this point. We highly recommend it to the Year 5 children!!!


Authors: Georgia Smith (6F), Billy Bick (6F), Eryn Horne-MacDonald (6D)

Hurst Lane North, Birmingham, West Midlands, B36 0HD