Castle Bromwich Junior School

Year 5 Summer Term

Summer term 2020-21 meant that thankfully, we could all be back at school learning again with our classes (remaining in our class bubbles, of course!). Children worked so hard and many attending intervention groups to support their learning ahead of moving to Year 6!

Science - Life Cycles

One of the Science units in Summer term is learning about Life Cycles of different groups of animals and plants. This year, Y5 were lucky enough to have witnessed the life cycle of a butterfly; they managed to grow 6 butterflies successfully from the larva (caterpillar) stage! They were all very excited to release them this term, too!

Sports Day!

Sports day thankfully was able to take place this year, but unfortunately without the cheering support of our parents (don't worry, Y5 made up for this and supported each other incredibly throughout!). The children worked in their House teams across different events such as bean bag throw, javelin and tennis ball balance!

Science - Our Bodies

Another exciting unit in Science in Y5 is when we learn all about "Our Bodies". Children particularly find it fascinating learning about the blood; Y5 made their own "blood" this term, choosing items that would represent platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma!

Topic - South America

As part  of our South America unit, children explored the Amazon river. They also learned about the Ring of Fire and locations of volcanoes and earthquakes affecting South America. 

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