Castle Bromwich Junior School

Year 4


 As part of our Roman topic we went to Lunt Fort and explored what it is like to be a Roman soldier. We explored a the Roman fort and gained a greater understand about how soldiers lived and worked.


The parents and family members of the children have joined us in school to make an Egyptian cartouche out of clay.

They have been manipulating the clay and make hieroglyphics to spell out their own names.

We all had lots of fun and it was great to see so many adults working with the children. 


Year 4 had a wow Egyptian day to kick off their topic, which is based on Ancient Egypt. We had a visitor into school, who taught us lots about how the Egyptians lived. We played some Egyptian games and got to see a dead pharaoh be mummified. It was very exciting! They even pulled the brains out! We took part in a hunting game to see which class were the best hunters and could have survived in Ancient Egypt.

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