Castle Bromwich Junior School

Spring Term

We are continuing to work exceptionally hard in all areas of the curriculum. Please read on to find out what we have been learning in; English and Shared Reading, Maths, French, Science, and History and Geography.

English and Shared Reading

Spring 1
Throughout the first half-term of Spring, we have been reading a book called 'The Witches', by one of our favourite authors, Roald Dahl. We have produced some brilliant work based on it, which has included, creating a Wanted Public Service Announcement, a set of instructions to create our own potion, and written our own narrative stories. Have a look at some of our fantastic work below!

Spring 2
The text we have been focusing on in Spring 2 has been a non-fiction text called 'The History Detective Investigates: London'. It is full of factual information about London, such as, how the Tudor Londoners had fun and The Tower of London. We have enjoyed learning new facts and knowledge about our country's capital city!



Spring 1

We are still working incredibly hard in maths and made amazing progress in the following areas during Spring 1:

-Number and Place Value
-Addition and Subtraction

Spring 2

Throughout Spring 2, we have been making progress in these areas of maths:
-Multiplication and Division

We have also been improving our times-tables and have been practising all of our times-tables from the 2s all the way up to the 12s. If you want to practise at home, login to Timestable Rockstars. 


Year 4 have really enjoyed their French lessons so far this year. In the Autumn term, we learned how to say members of our family Term. During the Spring term, we have been learning the different colours and how to say different classroom objects. Have a go at practising some French at home by clicking on the posters below!


We have so much fun learning the Year 4 Science curriculum. During Spring 1, we learned all about Sound and how it travels. This half-term, we are learning about the Digestive System. We took part in a Science activity where we had to make our own poo! Have a look at some of the pictures below! 

History and Geography

Throughout the whole of the Spring term, we have been learning all about The Romans. We have learned about; The Roman Empire, the Roman Invasion of Britain, Queen Boudica's rebellion, different types of Roman settlements and life during the Roman times.

Easter Production

In Year 4, children have the opportunity to perform an Easter Production to parents and to the whole school! This year, our production was 'The Tale of 3 Trees'. The children have been working exceptionally during the final few weeks of the Spring Term and did an absolutely outstanding job, performing three times over the final two days of term! Here is a brief overview of what the performance is about...
'Three little trees growing up on the mountain top have big dreams of what they want to become, but one by one those hopes are dashed as they are chopped down and turned into seemingly insignificant things. However, God has an amazing plan for each tree – a plan that goes beyond any of their wildest dreams as they find themselves at the heart of the story of Jesus'
Below are some photos which show some parts of the play! 

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