Children's University


CBJS are part of Solihull Children's University.  This national scheme means that all of our pupils are part of Children's University and can earn awards that recognise their learning outside of school.  Children can earn hours of learning by attending after school clubs, visiting local venues such as museums and art galleries and a taking part in validated clubs and groups outside of school.  At the end of each school year, their hours are totalled up and those with enough hours are invited to attend a graduation ceremony:  Bronze Graduates attend a ceremony at school; Silver Graduates attend a ceremony at a local secondary school and Gold Graduates attend a ceremony at a prestigious venue, usually Birmingham University, wearing full cap and gown and attended by VIP guests. 


An Introduction to Children's University


Children's University Documents for Parents

Below are two documents that can be used for recording your child's attendance at out of school clubs and activities.

If you know that the club or activity is validated as part of the Children's University Scheme, use the 'CU Voucher' form.

If the club or activity is not yet part of the scheme, or you are not sure, use the 'CU Reflection' form to reflect on the activity and record hours (one form, per activity, per term)

Please hold on to all documents, vouchers and reflection forms until prompted to bring them in to school.  The next update will be in December and will be communicated via Class Dojo.

CU_Reflection_Form_2022.pdf .pdf
CU_Voucher_Form.pdf .pdf

Can I get an activity validated?

It is possible.  Complete the form below to let us know and we will see if they are interested in joining the scheme.  This works best if parents tell the organiser about the scheme as well and tell them you would like them to join!

Microsoft Forms