Our children must wear the following school uniform. We believe that a good attitude to work and learning starts with arriving with the correct equipment, looking smart and feeling a sense of belonging to the school.



Grey/black trousers or shorts

Shirt/blouse – grey or white or Polo shirt – red/white

Knee length grey/black skirt or pinafore dress

Red jumper, red cardigan or red sweatshirt

Tie in school colours of red and grey – optional

Summer – red & white checked or striped dress or skirt - optional

Fleece - optional


Hooded tops and trainers are not part of our school uniform and must not be worn. 


A painting overall for boys and girls is essential – a man’s old shirt with shortened sleeves is ideal for this.

Long hair should be tied up for lessons, including P.E.  There will be ‘bobbles’ available in classes for children to use if necessary.



All children will require:

Red shorts

House T-shirt

Black or white pumps [ trainers for outside]

In cold weather children should have warm clothing e.g. a school fleece or a black/grey tracksuit/joggers to wear over their PE kit.


Football boots for football are optional



Watches may be worn to school on the understanding that we accept no responsibility for loss or damage.  The wearing of other items of jewellery is discouraged as we cannot accept responsibility for its loss or damage and certain items, particularly earrings, are a potential hazard in PE, Games and craft activities.  Those children with pierced ears should only wear studs or sleepers.  Children will be asked to remove watches and earrings prior to all PE lessons. If earrings cannot be removed they will be asked to cover them over.


We have held discussions with other schools and the Local Authority about the wearing of smart watches in school. The functionality of these watches is hard to distinguish and it is time consuming and impractical to check each watch for capabilities. Smart watches are expensive and desirable, which is likely to lead to problems if they are lost or broken. In conjunction with the Local Authority, we have decided the safest and most effective way of managing this situation is to let you know that pupils are not allowed to wear smart watches and health monitors at school.



Children must wear black or grey sensible shoes to school.  No branded sports shoes (ie Nike, Adidas etc) are allowed.  Having consulted with a State Registered Chiropodist and the School Nurse we ask parents to support us in upholding their advice: ‘Shoes worn at school should provide adequate support and have a broad based heel that we recommend does not exceed 5cm in height’.  If children wear boots to school they need to be sturdy, black, “leather type” with a low heel no larger than 5cm.



Nearly new uniform

For our range of nearly new uniform available to buy. Please visit the school office. 

Polo shirts 50p

PE tops and shorts £1 each

sweatshirts £2

trousers £2

skirts £2