CBJS Online Council 2023-24

About Us

The CBJS Online Council is made up of representatives of all classes in our school, as well as governor, SLT and parent representatives. The Council is lead and facilitated by Mr Foley.


Our Mission

To provide information and guidance for the CBJS community, including pupils, parents/carers and the local community on the latest online issues. From gaming and bad habits to new social media trends and apps, the online world is forever changing and growing and it is important that we deliver important and relevant information to ensure we all have an awareness of how to stay safe online.

The CBJS Online Council are involved in the organisation of this event.

More information about the event and their involvement to follow.

A message from Mr May (Deputy Head) about the Online Council

"The CBJS Online Council is an integral part of supporting the education of our children. Consisting of 16 children, one taken from each class across the year, their enthusiasm for this topic is extremely impressive. Last year they produced a superb video about online gaming safety, which was shared with all parents and children and is available on our website. They have also shared a termly report and useful posters around school all with the same goal. We look forward to seeing them continuing their work this year."

2023-24 Members - Updated shortly