A message from Mrs Hobden (Headteacher)

I am always very impressed with the online safety knowledge our children have and that our councillors in particular take it so seriously to support others.  As a school we do many things to educate our pupils on online safety but also need the support and vigilance of parents. Often issues come into school of inappropriate communications  that some of our pupils are having either through social media or online gaming. We ask that parents are aware of what their children are doing online and who they are communicating with.

Editor's Notes - by Mr Foley

A new year and an online council that has grown even more. We have broadened our Online Council to 20 members across the whole school, with each member bringing their own views and enthusiasm for Online Safety. A huge thank you to members of the Online Council for their contributions to the Autumn Edition 2023 of the Online Council Termly Report.

The subjects covered in this report are some of the latest updates and talking points for children in the online world and to be able to provide guidance from our very own pupils is something our council should be very proud of.

For those members of our community who have follow-up questions from some of the articles written by our pupils please get in touch.

Safer Internet Day 2024 - by Frances N


Creating a Strong Password - by Walter G


Cyber Security - by Haris A


Cyberbullying - by Arees K


Epic Games - by Harry D


Console Safety Tips - by Adam L


Now that Christmas is coming up quite a few of children will be getting consoles, such as the PlayStation and Xbox. But how do we make sure that these children are staying safe online?

The first step is to disable any voice chat on games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and even Roblox would be one to consider. Also, don’t forget to make sure you know someone before you add them as a friend - you can do this by asking a parent if they know them as it could be your cousin or family member.

Lego Build and Talk - by Elena M


Mental Health - by Phoebe B


Talking about mental health is often the first step to address it – with the effects of the digital world children are exposed to so many things and effected in many different ways

1)    Don’t black-out the news, keep children informed so their imagination doesn’t take over.

2)    Tell children the facts from reputable sources. No fake news.

3)    Don’t over expose the child to too much detail, discuss in small chunks to make it easier to take in the information.

4)    Let them know that they are safe and will be ok.

5)    Although bad things can happen, they don’t happen very often. Parents can be worried too and this is normal.

6)    Tailor how to talk to the child with respect to their age. Not too much detail if very young or have a young mindset.

7)    Talk to the children at the right time, not when you haven’t got the time to talk thoroughly. Let the children know it is an important topic and you are interested.

8)    Encourage children to ask questions so they don’t make the news worse than it is.

9)    Let children ask questions multiple times.

10) Don’t tell lies and if you don’t know it’s ok. Reputable sources are available to find the information required. Be careful online though not to trust all that you here.

Go to this website for more information:


Smart Phone Safety Tips - by Indi H


UEFA Real Scars Campaign - by Ruby G


In the Real Scars advertising campaign it shows clips of footballers receiving nasty and hurtful comments online. The campaign tries to show that the footballers are being called nasty things because of mistakes in their career. Towards the end of this advert it shows that the footballers have feelings and are really hurt by these comments.


I feel that this advert shows how we need to be careful about what we say online as it can hurt someone’s feelings. From this advert I think we should all learn before we speak and type because as the advert shows it could leaves scars on people.



WhatsApp Poem - by Maisy T


Parental Controls - by Paige D